Fredy Pascal

Service Designer • Dialogue

Conseil personnalisé • Session unique

Mentorat payant • 3 mois

Mentorat associatif • 3 mois

Adaptability is the new superpower, and I'm your friendly neighborhood experimenter! Picture me as a mad scientist of the business world – always tinkering with new methods, concocting innovative processes, and occasionally blowing up the lab (figuratively, of course). Failure? Just another stepping stone. My motto: Create, crash, learn, and repeat - all with a dash of creativity.
Call me a jack-of-all-trades with a twist. While I don't claim to be an expert in everything, I'm a polyglot in the languages of business, design, strategy, and tech. Think of me as a curious cat, perpetually chasing the laser dot of new trends and knowledge. Staying updated isn't just a goal, it's an adventure.
My values at work ? Respect, fun and quality over hierarchy, boring meetings and quantity. Leaders do not wait for permissions...they do and inspire.

Années d'expériences :10


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