Alexandre Pidault

Alexandre Pidault

Senior Product Designer • Freelance

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Alexandre is a Product guy with 10 years of experience in Product Design, Product Management, Branding, and Copywriting. Throughout his career, he has developed impactful design solutions for a diverse range of industries including consumer apps, e-commerce, SaaS, and Fintech, serving thousands of daily users. He co-founded Vybe (as CPO), a highly regarded neobank for Gen Z (aged 13-25), where he spent 3 years overseeing its growth to over 200,000 App downloads (reaching number 1 on the AppStore for 3 days), boasting 40,000 cardholders, and achieving an impressive ⭐️ 4.7 / 5 rating on Trustpilot. Currently, Alexandre serves as the Head of Product at Jasp (powered by Illiad-Free), a fintech platform that enables users to obtain a credit card and spread their purchases over 4 months. Previously, Alexandre held the position of Head of Design at Cafeyn (dubbed the 'Netflix' for Press readers). His extensive experience as a senior designer and product manager provides him with a unique perspective on the industry. If you're seeking assistance with refining existing products in terms of UI or UX design, assembling and empowering a product design team, fostering a robust design and product delivery culture, or crafting the perfect investor pitch deck to raise capital, Alex is the person to talk to.

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